about us


A Journey from india to oklahoma


In 1972 I moved to Norman and immediately feel in love with its big Oklahoma skies and its friendly smiling people. Though delighted with my new home, there were a few adjustments. My indian home nestles the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas. Though Oklahoma is, well, less, undulating, I do appreciate the Wichita Mountains and their lovely foothills! However, I found no substitute for the foods I missed most: samosas, tandoor chicken and nan.


The healing properties of different foods was normal converstion at my family's table. NO Indian food existed in my newly adopted state. I had no choice! I HAD to introduce my new friends to the rich culinary traditions of India.


In 1979, I opened Misal of India. Misal is named for my father who modernized and marketed herbal formulas based on the 5,000 year old Ayurvedic System in India. Not only could I finally be able to share my favorite foods with "fellow Oklahomans", but I could do so without having to personally search for exotic ingredients and face long, complicated recipes. The chefs, brought from India, were experts in these details.


Everything at Misal is prepared fresh on the premises. There are no additives, MSG preservatives or artificial colors. No sautrated oils are used. All meats are lean and the skin is removed from all chicken, The yogurt in dressings and marinades is home-made and either low or non-fat. If Misal's food does not taste as "rich" as some you may have tried, this is the reason, and one for which no apology is made. Most items qualify as HEART HEALTHY.


All the wonderful people at Misal's through the years deserve the credit for its success. They established our reputation for a dazzling international dining experience and many have earned degrees and doctorates from OU and distinguished careers around the world.


My cousin, Nasir Ghouri, was a student at OU when Misal of India opened on Campus Corner. He began as an assistant manager and is now my partner.


Nasir and I sincerely appreciate your patronage and hope that you will enjoy our restaurant and the concepts around which we have built it: healthy, natural, delicious cuisine from distant lands, served in an ambience that continues the traditions of an ancient civilization. It is our hope that as we bring diverse cultures together in this little space, we help to create, in some small measure, greater global understanding and harmony.


- Neelam Misal