CHICKEN MADRAS - A hearty, spicy chicken gumbo soup.

LENTIL - High protein treat - mildly spiced yellow masoor dal soup.

TOMATO CARDAMOM SOUP - Delicious light and fragrant tomato soup.

All soups Cup $2.95 Bowl $3.95



PARATHA or NAN $1.25

STUFFED NAN - Your choice of minced meat or spicy potatoes. $2.95



VEGETABLE SAMOSA - Flaky, special dough, triangular savories filled with seasoned vegetables. $3.25

MEAT SAMOSA - Flaky, special dough, triangular savories filled with spiced beef. $3.25

PAKORAS - Mixed onion, potato, spinach, cauliflower and eggplant fritters, dipped in chickpea batter and fried. Served with avocado-cilantro chutney. $3.25

HUMMUS - Mediterranean chickpea dip with garlic and tahini. Served with pita bread. $2.95

PAPAR - Crisp, fried or baked lentil wafers. $1.75



MIXED RAITA - Whipped yogurt with diced potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers. $2.95

KACHUMBER - Salad a la indienne style: diced tomatoes, cucumbers, garnished with spices, herbs, and lemon juice. $2.95

TABOULEH - Cracked bulgur wheat with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, mint, lemon and olive oil. $2.95

CAESAR - Misal's version, romaine lettuce tossed with our marinated Tandoori chicken breast and parmesan cheese with sundried tomatoes. Our dressing is made from scratch without eggs and is cholesterol free. $6.95

GREEK - Tomatoes, cucumbers, calamata olives, feta cheese, red onions and garlic tossed in a red wine vinaigrette on a bed of mixed greens, $6.95

CRANBERRY PECAN SPINACH - Frseh spinach tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette, garnished with craisins, feta cheese and red onions. Topped with spiced pecans. $6.95



LAMB KADAI - Lamb cooked in a sauce of rare condiments with onions and tomatoes. $12.95

CHICKEN KORMA - One of our favorite dishes from India's Mughal era. Prepared in a fragrant sauce. $10.95

MAKHANI CHICKEN - Our delicious variation of an old Mughal recipe, cooked in a scrumptious sauce of browned onions, tomatoes, freshly ground mild spices with ginger and garlic. Try it! $10.95

CHICKEN or LAMB VINDALOO - A very spicy South Indian recipe. Cooked with tamrind. For the spicy connoisseur. $12.95



VEGETABLE BIRYANI - Long grained aromatic basmati rice cooked with vegetables and spices. $6.95

CHICKEN BIRYANI - Basmati rice cooked with succulent pieces of chicken with almonds and raisins. $9.95

LAMB BIRYANI - A delicious combination of Lamb Kadai and basmati rice topped with raisins and almonds. $12.95

QEEMA BIRYANI - Basmati rice cooked with ground beef, potatoes, ginger, garlic and tomatoes. Topped with raisins and almonds. $7.95


Bistro Specialities

MEDITERRANEAN PLATE - Slices of spicy lamb served with hummus, tabouleh, nan bread and Greek salad. $11.95

ORANGE ZEST SALMON - Fresh Atlantic salmon marinated in orange and basil. Cooked with rosemary in the clay oven. Served with basmati rice, nan and your choice of vegetable. - $14.95


Tandoori Specials

SEEKH KABAB - Deliciously spiced ground beef rolled on a skewer, with lots of ginger and garlic. Cooked in the tandoor. - $9.95

SIZZLING TANDOORI SAMPLER - Portion of tandoori chicken, seekh kabab, lamb boti kabab, chicken tikka and beef boti kebab. $11.95

TANDOORI CHICKEN - Half a spring chicken marinated in a famous blend of lemon juice and mild spices cooked in the tandoor. $10.50

BEEF BOTI KABAB - Tender juicy pieces of beef marinated in a blend of spices and yogurt, cooked on skewers in the tandoor. $12.95

CHICKEN TIKKA - A princely dish of boneless pieces of chicken breast marinated in yogurt and mild spices, cooked in the tandoor. $10.95

RACK OF LAMB - 12 ounce rack of spring lamb marinated in a saffron sauce. Cooked with rosemary in the tandoor clay oven. Served with basmati rice, nan and your choice of vegetable. - $19.95


All of the above items served with freshly made nan (Indian bread), potato bhaji and raita (spiced yogurt)

An Assortment of pickles & Chutney available


Vegetarian Specialties

VEGETARIAN PLATTER - A delicious and healthful combination of basmati rice, lentils, spinach, potato bhaji, kachumber salad and bread. $10.95

DAL - Delicious high protein yellow lentils, cooked with a touch of spices, ginger, garlic and tomatoes. $3.95

POTATO BHAJI - A piquant blend of spices and potatoes. $2.95

SAAG - Classic Indian dish of chopped spinach sauteed with tomatoes and cumin. $3.95

NAVRATHAN - A traditional recipe of nine delicious vegetables. Navrathan means nine jewels. $3.95

MUSHROOM CURRY - Garden fresh mushrooms, onions and tomatoes sauteed in spices and cilantro. $3.95

BAIGAN BHARTA - Eggplant smoked in the tandoor and sauteed with onion and tomatoes. $3.95

CHOLA - A perfectly spiced tamarind flavored whole garbanzo dish. $3.95

GREEN BEANS & SWEET POTATOES - Fantastic stir-fried Bistro creation. $3.95



KHEER - Traditional Indian rice dessert with nuts & raisins. $3.95


FRUIT SORBET ICE CREAM - Coconut with fresh cream. $3.95

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE - Homemade biscuit, fresh strawberries, fresh cream. $4.95

CARROT HALVA - My Mom's recipe! - $3.95



INDIAN CHAI TEA - Freshly brewed with milk and cardamom seed. Allow 5-10 minutes. $2.25

LUSSI - Cooling whipped yogurt drink, salt, sweet or plain. $2.25

MANGO SHAKE - Try this refreshing tropical drink. $2.25

LEBANESE ICED TEA - Rose water, fresh citrus juices, tea. Very refreshing. $1.75



Delicato Chardonnay

Walnut Crest Merlot

Woodbridge White Zinfandel

$3.95 - glass $11.00 - 1/2 liter $22.00 - liter


White Wines

Selbach Riesling - Mosel - Germany
A subtle sweetness, brimming with peach and apple flavors, and fresh acidity

Velio - Pinot Grigio - Italy
Aromas of pear and apple accompanied by a candied fruitiness and crisp acidity.

Mud House - Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand
Bright and zingy with aromas and flavors of grapefruit, limes and melon.

Kendall-Jackson - Chardonnay - California
A rich, creamy textured wine with citrus, melon, apple and fruit flavors.

Trevor Jones - Chardonnay 'Virgin' - Australia
An unoaked wine with richness and complexity showing plenty of tropical fruit flavors.


Red Wines

7 Deadly Zins - Zinfandel 2004 - Lodi
Medium-bodied with notes of raspberry, cherry, cinnamon and sage.

Jacobs Creek - Shiraz 2004 - Western Australia
Flavors of black currants, blueberries and plums with hints of pepper and spice.

Mark West - Pinot Noir 2004 - California
Aromas of toasted oak with flavors of cherry, wild strawberry and spice.

Armador - Merlot 2003 - Chile
Bold and complex with juicy plum and berry flavors finishing with fine tannins.

Whitehall Lane - Merlot 2002 - Napa
Full-bodied with rich berry, plum, and currant flavors, and a long toasted oak finish.

Rocca di Castagnoli - Chianti Classico 2001 - Italy
Savory, rich flavors of cherry fruit, spice and cedar with a sweet earthy finish.

Kendall-Jackson - Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 -Aromas and flavors of black currant, candied cherry and chocolate.

Killinbin - Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 - Australia
Rich flavors of dark fruits, cherries and spices blend nicely, lingering on the long oak finish.



Anchor Steam $3.50

Bass $3.50

Beck's Dark $3.50

Chimay $4.95

Corona $3.50

Foster's Lager $3.50

Franziskaner - $3.75

Grant's India Pale Ale (IPA) $3.75

Grolsh $3.50

Grolsh Amber $3.50

Guinness Stout $3.50

Heineken $3.50

Kingfisher $3.75

Rogue Dead Guy Ale $3.75

Shiner Bock $3.50

Tai Mahal $5.95

Budweiser $3.00

Bud light $3.00


Haake-Beck $3.00